Resource: Matt Colville's Running The Game Video Series

Professional game writer and a Dungeon Master for decades, Matt Colville has experiences a career renaissance after creating a popular video series on his Youtube channel for DMs called "Running The Game". 

Colville has helped create a community of DMs who only recently discovered the game. He has curated his image to feel more like a virtual mentor then an older white guy yelling at you through a video screen. 

He recently had a very successful Kickstarter campaign where he was able to achieve several things: A) fund a D&D 5e supplement called Strongholds & Followers, B) fund the creation of his own video studio to be able to stream and produce more video content, and C) create his own independent game company called MCDM. Basically, he's a great voice to listen to.

Hi! and also "Why?"

But why write about it? Or make videos about it? Well, I believe that you have to write 10,000 pages of shit before you can start getting to the good stuff. And while blogging on my personal site is nothing compared to attempting to write prose, it does work a part of my brain that I need to be able to write stuff for D&D and I need a place to work it out. So consider this blog my gym where I come to lift weights, do some bodyweight squats, and run on the treadmill as I prepare to run my D&D games. 

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